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In today’s increasingly challenging wooden pallet market, finding excess capacity of traditional wooden pallets is becoming a difficult task in most markets.  As an alternative to exorbitantly priced recycled or new wooden pallets, First Alliance Logistics Management would like to offer you alternative pallet options. First Alliance Logistics Management (FALM) is an industry-leading pallet supplier that has helped increase efficiency and reduce costs for companies of all sizes nationwide. We also help eliminate logistics hassles by directly sourcing and shipping corrugated pallets from a network of manufacturing facilities in the US.

Our services include:

  • 48 x 40 is the most common size
  • New corrugated pallets
  • Custom sizes
With a comprehensive selection of shipping pallets in all standard pallet sizes, styles and footprints, FALM has a steady offering of corrugated pallets designed for every product or service imaginable

Advantages of Corrugated Pallets

  • Corrugated pallets are available in custom designs.  Can be made with 2-way or 4-way access.  Runner and block styles are available.
  • Made to standard international shipping guidelines with no heat treatment required.
  • Serve as a good, sustainable shipping platform and alternative to wood that can be grouped in and recycled with you other corrugated items.
  • Weighs 10lbs. versus a much heavier wooden pallet that weighs 50 lbs.
  • Corrugated pallets are more cost effective than most all other pallets.
  • Typically are designed for one-way shipping needs and can be customized using different components and configurations designed to fit non-standard sized loads.
FALM offers many benefits that sets itself apart from most pallet providers.  Simply put, FALM is easy and dependable to DO business with, while offering…..
  • Low and competitively priced pallets
  • On-site pallet pick-up (in conjunction with the delivery of pallets)
  • Highest quality of wood, materials, and treating
  • Fast, on-time delivery
  • Reduce waste cost and increase recycling rebates
  • Online tracking system
For industry specific solutions, FALM’s team of experts think outside of the box to develop & fulfill unique pallet programs, in a variety of industries; including food, pharmaceutical, medical, packaging, automotive, building products, machinery, military and others.
Pallet OptionAvailabilityPrice LevelProsCons
Solid-Wood (traditional) slat and nailed palletsLimitedVariesRack and stack-abilityExtremely high demand
Engineered Molded Wood™Good with less than average lead timeLow to MediumNest-able and export ready. Strength comparable to solid-wood.Limited ability for double stacking. Not recommended in racks without supports.
Plastic with bottom deck attachmentsGood with lead time constraintMedium to highRack and stack-ability (only with bottom deck boards added)Not always recyclable
Corrugated or paper palletsGood with lead time constraintMediumLight weight. Best for air shipments. Easily recyclable.Not rack-able. Limited ability for double stacking. High moisture absorption.