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Industrial facilities do a lot of heavy work. As such, they need strong, reliable equipment to get the job done. Enter factory pallets—a durable, dependable storage and transportation option that won’t falter under heavy workloads.

What Are Factory Pallets?

When manufacturing plants need to transport and store materials, they need pallets with integrity. Industrial pallets use high-quality materials to support loads of different sizes. Standard 48×40 platforms are sufficient for average production.

Storage pallets come in wooden, plastic, and metal models. However, wooden pallets are most common throughout the industry. Robust lumber pallets can support up to 2,500 pounds!

Factory pallets are easy to repair and recycle. This repurposing cycle moves the supply chain forward; plants never need to worry about running out of storage and transportation supplies.

How Do Industrial Sites Use Pallets?

Storage pallets have a variety of uses in the industrial sector. Primarily, facilities will use these platforms for material handling purposes. They act as perfect logistics tools to help organize and move parts and goods throughout facilities and to and from warehousing locations.

Think about factory pallets as the backbone of industrial logistics operations. From forklifts to pallet racks, these industrial-strength platforms fit perfectly into any scenario.

Why Choose FALM as Your Factory Pallet Provider?

You can’t trust just anyone with your plant’s pallet management. First Alliance Logistics Management has a proven track record of providing high-grade industrial pallets to sites all across the country. With a wide-ranging network of regional suppliers, we can deliver pallets in record times at reasonable prices.

Manufacturing plants are under immense pressure to operate sustainably. With FALMs pallet-recycling services, factories can repurpose old platforms without contributing to ecological decline. First Alliance Logistics Management commits to reducing your facility’s environmental impact.

From buy-back programs to pick-up services, First Alliance Logistics Management is your one-stop shop for pallet management. You can count on us to deliver high-grade factory pallets on time, every time. Contact us today to get a taste of what FALM can do for your industrial facility.