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First Alliance Logistics Management, LLC. (FALM) is a pallet management company with a nationwide network of approximately 225 active pallet suppliers.  We partner with pallet companies all over the country to service customers who buy pallets (new, used, reconditioned) and sell cores by the truckload.


FALM invests heavily in online advertising, e-mail and search engine optimization campaigns to generate requests for quote that are ultimately distributed to our supply chain.  FALM seeks to form a closer working relationship with select companies already in our supply chain by offering what we call our Preferred Supplier Program (PSP.)  Our goal in this program is to consolidate our current supply chain by half with suppliers who are members of our PSP.

Joining the PSP will open new opportunities for each PSP participant and will allow FALM to reinforce an already successful sales and marketing program with the robust supply chain to back it up.


Joining the preferred supplier program will yield many benefits to each participant, all with a money back guarantee.

  • FALM generates 40 (and growing) REQUESTS FOR QUOTE each and every month. Qualified sales leads are vetted by our sales team who do the work of gathering all the necessary information from the potential customer.
  • Your membership dues go to fund local advertising in your own market; FALM already funds a national campaign that provides you with leads at no cost. The new local campaigns build some “skin in the game” for our PSP Members.
  • Priority access to sales leads distributed to our supplier network.
  • Complete bid package with specs and all information to prepare an accurate quote.
  • Preferred suppliers have the opportunity to rebid any RFQ where a Preferred supplier is not the initial winner. There is however, no exclusivity relative to the overall RFQ, as all suppliers in each market still have the opportunity to bid.
  • FALM pays bills on time, every time. We perform thorough credit checks on each new customer so that we can live up to our promise.

If you’re reading this, your company is already counted as one of our valued suppliers.  Our strength as a third-party pallet management company is in our supply chain.  We hope that you’ll give serious thought to joining our risk-free program!


Annual fee to join the FALM Preferred Supplier program is only $1,000 per year.

Money Back Guarantee

FALM believes we’ll easily bring each supplier ample business to cover their $1,000 investment, however, in the unlikely event we don’t, FALM will offer a 100% refund after one year.

“Guero Pallets joined First Alliance Logistics Management’s Preferred Supplier Program in the Winter of 2019. We have been very satisfied with this decision, as this partnership has increased our sales in just a few months. Moreover, the program has allowed us to sell pallet inventory when we have difficulties moving our product...we do not have to compete with other vendors in our quotes, we are given leads, and get opportunities to bid on national accounts...During COVID-19, when we had slow weeks, we were always able to count on the support of First Alliance Logistics Management. This is just the beginning of our working partnership. We are excited about what the future holds...Guero Pallets is grateful to First Alliance and the support they give us and for the opportunity to be part of this program.”
Martha Razo
Guero Pallets
"The Preferred Supplier Program through First Alliance is a unique and resourceful broker program. It has offered my company to receive an upper hand in this competitive industry. Since signing on, we have had more leads for business than with any other broker before. These leads have led to solid business deals that we have benefited from since day one. Even in these uncertain times, FALM has kept pushing forward to ensure that we have customers to supply. In conclusion, this program has proven to be indispensable to the prosperity and growth of our business and I would recommend it to any colleague any day."
Wendy Campos
Infinity Wood Products

Learn more about FALM and our Preferred Supply Program by reading our article in Western Pallet Association: