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Used or Recycled Pallets

If you’re looking to buy high-quality used wooden pallets, then First Alliance Logistics Management is your only option. FALM has been efficiently providing the pallet industry with first-rate services for over 25 years. Our primary objective is to provide our clients with the most cost-effective and streamlined solutions for their business.

Recycled wooden pallets are the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to ship your product. FALM supplies all grades of recycled pallets across the US. FALM has the inventory of recycled pallets to meet the needs of high demand customers and the flexibility to deliver small orders of 300 pallets and upwards to full truckloads delivered daily. Apart from the fact you’ll be saving your enterprise money, it’s a great way to reduce waste and have a beneficial impact on our environment. Additionally, when you buy recycled pallets, you’ll notice they are typically drier than newer wood material. Due to having less moisture build-up, recycled pallets stand to be more durable, weigh less, and are less suspectable to mold.

Used/Recycled Pallets

  • Lower your pallet cost when you buy recycled pallets
  • Environmentally friendly option in utilizing reconditioned wood pallets to lower your carbon footprint
  • Recycled pallets are graded based on structural repairs and cosmetics. A-Grade recycled pallets are more consistent than on a B-Grade pallet and will never have any repairs to the stringers/runners.  The overall appearance is also better as A-Grade pallets are likely to have had fewer shipment cycled than a B-Grade.  B-Grade used wooden pallets are considerably less expensive than A-Grades.
RegionAtlanta, GAChicago, ILDallas, TXFlorida LA, CAPacific NWOhioPhila., PA
48x40 AAA Grade Recycled$7.75 (-$0.75)$8.00 (-$0.50)$7.75 (-$0.25)$8.00 (-$0.25)$7.50 (-$0.50)$7.50 (-$0.50)$8.95 ($-)$8.00 (-$0.25)
48x40 Standard A Grade Recycled$6.50 (-$1.00)$6.00 -($1.00)$6.50 ($-)$5.50 (-$0.50)$5.00 (-$1.50)$5.40 (-$0.35)$6.00 (-$0.50)$6.15 (-$0.10)
48x40 B-Grade Recycled$4.50 (-$2.00)$4.00 (-$1.00)$5.00 (+$0.75)$4.50 (+$0.25)$4.50 (-$0.50)$4.00 (-$0.25)$4.50 (-$0.50)$4.65 ($-)
48x40 New Softwood GMA$13.50 (-$0.25)$11.00 ($-)$14.25 (-$0.50)$10.50 ($-)$11.95 ($-)$14.25 (-$0.50)$10.50 ($-)$11.75 (-$0.25)
Heat-Treatment Surcharge (ISPM-15)$1.00 ($-)$1.00 ($-)$1.00 ($-)$1.25 ($-)$1.25 ($-)$1.00 ($-)$1.25 ($-)$1.00 ($-)
Typical Core$1.50 ($-)$1.75 ($-)$1.00 ($-)$0.25 ($-)$0.50 ($-)$1.00 ($-)$1.50 ($-)$1.25 ($-)
Updated 4/9/2024

Combo/Re-Manufactured Pallets

  • A lower cost alternative to new pallets
  • Avoid disruptions in supply from lumber shortages since recycled material is readily available for certain pallet footprints.
  • Meets your same load capacity requirements with recycled material.
  • Hybrid pallets made of new and recycled material provide a best of both worlds option
  • The standard sizes of re-manufactured pallets are 48×40 (this is the most common size), 42×42, 48×48, 36×48, 40×40, 36×36, 48×36, 42×48, 40×48.

Whether you’re looking to purchase used pallets or new ones, start with FALM your pallet supplier of choice. For more information about our used wooden pallets, be sure to give our team a call today.

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Understanding the Different Grades of Recycled 48x40 Pallets
Pallet GradePictureTop BoardsBottom Boards6-inch leadsNo Companion StringerNo Metal Plates
AAA (Premium, Club Grade, Super A)Premium A75
A (Standard A)Standard A6+3+
BB Grade6+3+