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Wooden Pallet Recycling Services

Green Initiatives

Not only does recycling play an important role in creating more efficient operations, it also helps to preserve our communities for future generations. This is precisely why we offer premier wooden pallet recycling services.

If you’re not recycling your company’s used, unneeded wooden pallets, you’re cutting into your company’s bottom line. Furthermore, your company is contributing to the yearly destruction of millions of trees.

Even broken or damaged pallets can be recycled in one of two ways:

  1. If the pallet is damaged beyond repair, it can be shredded into mulch or wood chips.
  2. Damaged pallets can be repaired for resale.

By providing your company with a trustworthy and effective wooden pallet recycling service program, First Alliance helps you turn used and broken pallets into a true competitive advantage. If you want to sell your wooden pallets, not only will we purchase them at top dollar, but we will also pick up the pallets from your site.

If you would like to refurbish your damaged pallets for resale, we can pick up, repair, and even heat treat them to ensure they meet all international standards for phytosanitary measures (ISPM-15).

First Alliance started as a pallet company, but now we are a company that buys pallets of all kinds. We can now take complete ownership of all onsite recyclable materials– which gives you higher profits, lower costs, and an improved environmental profile.

You should know…

  • An increasing number of manufacturers are offering incentives to companies that participate in asset recovery programs.
  • The government continues to impose stringent requirements for companies to properly dispose of packaging waste and to make efforts to be environmentally conscious through the reuse and recycling of packaging materials.
  • Companies can increase the efficiency of their delivery and pick-up systems and save in excess of 25% per pallet by partnering with First Alliance to find a solution to your returnable packaging challenges.

For more information about our wooden pallet recycling services, contact First Alliance Logistics Management today.