Useful Info Guide.

Pallet width icon


Overall length of the deck boards.

Deck Boards Icon

Deck Boards

A single element or component of a pallet deck, oriented perpendicular to the stringer or stringer board.

Span of pallet icon


Distance between the middle stringer and outer stringer.

Pallet height Icon

Pallet Height

The vertical distance between the bottom of the bottom deckboards and the top side of the top deck boards.

Pallet length icon


Overall length of the stringer, runner or stringer board.

Leads of pallet icon


Deck boards that are at either end of the top or bottom of the pallet. A wider lead board (5.5”) would be less susceptible to damage from the forklift mast. Wider lead boards of 5.5” leads are typical on GMA style 48×40 pallets.


Inner boards are in between lead boards on the top or bottom of the pallet. Spacing requirements between the deck boards will determine the number of inner boards when a pallet is built. The inner board are typically 3.5” wide.


The spacing between the deck boards. Lighter pallet loads with larger length and width dimensions can withstand greater spacing with the deck boards and can lead to cost savings, or less lumber. Products with smaller footprints may require tighter spacing and thus more deck boards; heavier loads may require more boards for support.