Our Mission Statement

At First Alliance, our mission is to become a full-service logistics provider that is reliable, dependable and innovative, driving our customers toward operational efficiency.

Turning packaging and other recyclables into cost-effective green solutions.

First Alliance Logistics Management is a leading provider of pallet sourcing, logistics solutions and recycle waste stream solutions, serving customers throughout North America. Since 1995, FALM has earned a reputation increasing efficiency and reducing costs for companies of all sizes. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC., First Alliance offers a combined U.S. supplier network of 225 pallet manufacturing, pallet recycling and pallet repair companies.

Our logistics services eliminate the need for multiple service providers, brokers, and manufacturers, while delivering the following benefits:

  • Offer a single point of contact for multiple commodities;
  • Reduce your pallet costs;
  • Increase your recycling rebates for pallet cores and other waste streams; and
  • Move your organization toward the end result of zero waste.

As your single point of contact, we manage and monitor all aspects of your pallet and recyclable programs, both operationally and financially. This lets you make better use of your existing resources and focus on the core competencies of your organization. Our team of consultants, experts, and strategic partners work closely with clients to increase and improve efficiency and monitor all regulatory requirements – transforming your packaging and other recyclables into a real competitive advantage.