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Pallets For Sale in Arkansas

The biggest industries in Arkansas are timber, firearms, and transportation, and they all require pallets to keep their products organized and moving through the supply chain. We provide Arkansas businesses with used wood pallets when they’ve run out of what they currently have. Many of Arkansas’ biggest industries choose FALM when looking for pallets for sale in Arkansas. With the help of First Alliance Logistics Management, shippers have better access to pallets to ship and move things around. Alongside our pallet services, we also provide other services like:
  • Buyback program
  • On-time delivery
  • Reduced waste cost
FALM has enough used wood pallets for everyone. FALM offers various sizes that each Arkansas industry requires, such as:
  • 48×40 GMA
  • 42×42, 48×48, 36×48, 40×40, 36×36, 48×36, 42×48,40×48
  • Heat treatment
  • Custom sizes
Aside from offering used wood pallets, FALM gives customers the option to purchase other pallet types, such as:
  • Plastic pallets
  • Engineered wood
  • Corrugated pallets
We provide the best services to those who need pallets at reasonable prices while also focusing on reusing these pallets between every use. When you buy new and customized pallets from us, we guarantee that you’ll walk away much happier and supported by a company that delivers on what they say. Many companies like yours save more when utilizing a pallet recycling program. When customers choose FALM, they select more than a service or pallet size; they choose a company they can trust with all of their pallet needs. Every delivery is fast and met with great satisfaction while ensuring we answer every one of their questions during the buying and delivery process. So if you have questions written down about pallets for sale in Arkansas or our other services, be sure to reach out to us by email at or call us at (866) 624-7036. Our customer service representatives are excited to hear from you and answer your questions about our services and pallet sizes.