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Pallets for Sale in Hawaii

The best choice in pallets comes from First Alliance Logistics Management. We’re the preferred brand in every industry. Every business needs reliable pallet services to get their cargo from the factory down to the shipyards, where it’s then transported to sellers. Finding durable pallets that are in good condition is a challenge for every industry because they take a beating in the warehouse and in transit. Many companies look for used wood pallets when they’ve run out of their batches. FALM can take care of the rest of your load by providing everything you need and more.

We strive to market all of our pallets for sale in Hawaii straight to the companies that need them most. We offer the following to Hawaii-based companies:

  • Competitive prices on pallets 
  • Pickup and delivery services 
  • Fast delivery times 
  • Tracking system 
  • Buyback program 
FALM proudly serves Hawaii by providing businesses with gently used wood pallets in good condition, which help many businesses ship out their goods on time. You can expect our company to deliver the best service possible, especially with our various customizable options, including:
  • 48 x 40 GMA
  • 42 x 42, 48 x 48, 36 x 48, 40 x 40, 36 x 36, 48 x 36, 42 x 48, 40 x 48
  • New and recycled pallets
  • Heat-treated pallets
  • Hardwood and softwood options
  • Customized sizing
  • Pallet resizing to fit your needs

First Alliance Logistics Management is unique because of its customizable services. Offering meager prices on our customizable pallets for sale in Hawaii, we have a lot to offer your company through our pallet services. Our customer service representatives are awaiting your call or email to discuss the pallet services you need for your company. Contact us today if you’re looking for more information on our pallet services or have questions about the used wood pallets we sell.