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Pallets & Skids for Sale in South Dakota


There are many industries in South Dakota that need pallets and skids. Your business is one of them. First Alliance Logistics Management provides many with pallets to keep their processes going. We offer many companies a way to give old used pallets new life through our buyback program.

FALM offers its outstanding services by offering South Dakota industries gently used pallets for sale in South Dakota. You can find different types, such as:

  • 48 x 40 GMA
  • 42 x 42, 40 x 40, 48 x 48, 48 x 36, 36 x 48, 42 x 48, 40 x 48
  • Reused pallets
  • New wood pallets
  • Customizable sizes

We also provide a network of over 225 companies that offer repair, recycled, and manufactured pallets available on a daily basis.

At FALM, your needs are met first—there’s no wait time on your orders, and everything’s delivered on time. Our prompt services define who we are as a business. We’re caring and patient, and we enjoy offering services like these to your business:

  • Very low prices
  • Fast delivery and pick up
  • An online tracking system
  • Enhanced recycling methods
  • High-quality wood

There are many skids for sale that you need to fulfill all orders. Your team will be satisfied with our strong communication team. We cannot wait to take the time to get to know you and your business’s needs. Get your pallets for sale in South Dakota from FALM.

No matter what pallets and skids you buy or sell back, you’re guaranteed immediate assistance with your order. Our customer representatives are keen to get started on your order.

We’re on standby awaiting your call for your next inquiry on pallets for sale in South Dakota.

As you prepare your order, please reach out to us with any questions pertaining to a future order for pallets and skids.