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In Vermont, businesses tend to lean on companies to provide them with pallets and skids to help organize and stock inventory. For industries like agriculture and manufacturing, the need for pallets for sale in Vermont has increased. First Alliance Logistics Management wants to do something about it by offering pallets to every warehouse, farm, and any other business needing pallets and skids.  

We’re happy to offer various sizes of pallets; our sizes range from small to large, and we work with every sized company. Some of the pallet sizes we provide include:  

  • New and  recycled pallets  
  • Custom sizes  
  • Re-manufactured/combo  pallets 
  • Heat treated  
  • Pallets available in hard and softwood  
  • 42×48, 40×48, 48×36, 42×42, 36×48, 40×40, and 36×36 sizes  

We believe you should have complete control over your pallet management. We believe that to satisfy a client fully we need to deliver the highest level of service to ensure their needs are met through and through. You can expect all pallets and skids delivered to you while experiencing the following benefits of doing business with FALM:  

  • Tracking system  
  • Fast delivery  
  • A pallet buyback program  
  • Less waste and better recycling rebates  
  • Treated materials and wood of the highest caliber  
  • Pay lower prices for new and used pallets 
  • Delivery and on-site pickup are available  

We know you want to have a great experience, especially when you need to find pallets for sale in Vermont. Our services are customizable to fit any industry need, especially when you’re looking for the best skids for sale. From engineered wood to modified sizes, FALM aims to provide your business with the best possible service and solution.  

For more information on hiring FALM or additional questions you may have about our services, contact us anytime at (866) 624-7036. We’re delighted to see you considering us for your pallet needs. Moving forward, one of our customer service representatives will guide you through the process of ordering pallets and skids for your business.