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Pallet Services in Wisconsin

Does your Wisconsin-based business require pallet services? First Alliance Logistics Management (FALM) is a national pallet management company that offers quality pallet and logistics services in the industry. In the past 25 years, FALM has earned the reputation of a pallet supplier that can help increase a business’s efficiency while reducing costs through our wide range of pallet services. Along with our professional services, we can also offer unique pallet solutions to fit your business’s specific needs. These solutions include:
  • 48 x 40 GMA
  • 42×42, 48×48, 36×48, 40×40, 36×36, 48×36, 42×48, 40×48
  • New and recycled pallets
  • Heat treated
  • Hardwood or softwood
  • Combo/re-manufactured to your specs
  • Custom sizes
Wisconsin is a state that relies heavily on its top industries to sustain the population. These top industries include manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare—all of which would not be as successful as they currently are without a reliable pallet supplier like FALM. We understand that some companies might want more options than the traditional wooden pallets, and that is why we offer much more than just wooden pallets. Along with these, we also offer plastic pallets, corrugated pallets, and engineered molded wood pallets to ensure we will have a solution that is right for you. Like any other industry, we do have competitors, but our competitors don’t offer what FALM can offer. Our competitive advantage that sets up apart from all others in our industry comprises of:
  • Low and competitively priced pallets
  • On-site pallet pick-up (in conjunction with the delivery of pallets)
  • Highest quality of wood, materials, and treating
  • Fast, on-time delivery
  • Reduced waste cost and increase recycling rebates
  • Online tracking system
If you require pallet services in Wisconsin, then FALM should be your first call.