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Big Box Retail and Chain Store Pallet Pickup

At First Alliance Logistics Management, we offer a premier pallet removal service. Most retail stores dispose of waste improperly—we are here to help reduce our general carbon footprint by implementing strategies for companies to utilize, reuse, and recycle as much material as possible. There’s no reason to waste such precious materials. That’s why FALM has been working to help the industry become more efficient and reduce waste for over 25 years. Not only will these green methods benefit the environment, but they can also help reduce costs for your organization. Our top priority is helping our customers become more efficient while simultaneously protecting Mother Nature.

It’s well-known that multi, national, and regional chain retail stores generate large amounts of highly recyclable materials. Still, they tend to throw away a lot of plastics, such as plastic films (shrink wraps and bags). Here at First Alliance, it’s our goal to educate customers on efficiently sorting waste while improving programs that ensure each commodity is properly disposed of. FALM has created a retail store recovery and wood pallet pickup service designed to remove multiple commodities from multiple stores with multiple service providers. Our GB04 tracking software facilitates the management of this multi-faceted program.

Regardless of your company’s size or industry, First Alliance will develop a store waste and used pallet removal program to increase your recycling rebates and reduce the amount of waste throughout your organization. Some benefits you may realize include:

  • Multiple recyclable commodities picked up on one truck (pallets, baled OCC, baled LDPE, and scrap metals)
  • Increased, prompt rebates to the customer
  • Stores load fewer outbound trucks, which in turn increases profits from less overhead expenses
  • GB04 (FALM’s proprietary tracking software) sends automated emails to recyclers for scheduling pickups. This system enables customized reporting for recyclers, retail stores, and First Alliance.

For more information on how our store waste and pallet removal service works, make sure to give our team a call today at 866-621-6592. We want to improve the environment and your business in any way we can and are more than happy to do what it takes to assist you.

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