When you are operating any kind of warehouse or shipping environment, you will commonly use pallets. Wooden pallets and plastic pallets are the two most popular kinds of pallets used in warehouses. The big question is, which one is the better choice? The best way to choose between the two is to know the specific differences between them. Here, we will investigate those details and why they are important when choosing wood versus plastic pallets.

A Difference in Price

One of the first differences between wooden and plastic pallets is the difference in cost. Plastic pallets are the most expensive. Plastic pallets are actually three times the cost of wooden pallets. Part of this is because plastic pallets are used for specific industries that have strict hygiene requirements, such as pharmaceuticals and food transportation. They are designed in a way that makes them easier to clean. Wooden pallets are naturally more porous, whereas plastic pallets aren’t made that way. However, many industries don’t need to worry about these sanitation issues, making wood pallets more practical. Since you can recycle or refurbish wood, companies can benefit from the even less expensive option of used wooden pallets.

The Amount of Weight the Pallet Can Hold

There is a difference between the amount of weight wooden and plastic pallets can hold. Wood pallets, in general, can hold more weight than plastic pallets. One significant reason for this is because wooden pallets are constructed. Due to the strength of the material, plastic pallets have a maximum amount of weight they can hold, and it’s usually not very high. This is another reason why wooden pallets are the most commonly used.

A Difference in Durability

Durability is key when choosing wood versus plastic pallets, although it can get a little complicated. Many plastic pallet manufacturers say that plastic pallets are more durable and weather-resistant than wooden pallets. That may be true when it comes to water exposure, but it is not accurate in a more general sense. If plastic pallets are used in a hot area, they will become flexible and weak, and if they are left out in the cold, they will be more likely to break. Wooden pallets will be stable in any temperature. If a wood pallet breaks, you can easily repair it, whereas you cannot repair plastic pallets. Essentially, the durability of wooden pallets depends more on what conditions you will use the pallets in.