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Indiana Pallet Services

Are you looking for pallet services in Indiana? If so, then you will need a reliable pallet supplier such as First Alliance Logistics Management (FALM). For almost 3 decades, our goal has been to provide our clients with full-service logistics services that are reliable, dependable, and innovative in the hopes of moving our clients toward operational efficiency. To achieve this goal, we have come to offer a wide range of pallets, including:
  • 48 x 40 GMA
  • 42×42, 48×48, 36×48, 40×40, 36×36, 48×36, 42×48, 40×48
  • New and recycled pallets
  • Heat treated
  • Hardwood or softwood
  • Combo/re-manufactured to your specs
  • Custom sizes
Along with providing unique pallet solutions to fit your specific needs, FALM also offers pallet services in Indiana that will help reduce your overall costs. These services are: Indiana is a state that has claim to the 9th highest GDP in the country. This great achievement is supported by various crucial industries that make Indiana the great state it is. Indiana’s manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical industry, and mining industry are among the state’s top industries that help sustain the state’s growth. What helps keep these booming industries running smoothly? The answer is reliable pallet services like those offered by FALM. The pallet solution industry, like many others, is filled with competitors trying to fight for your business. To help FALM stand out in the sea of pallet suppliers, we offer:
  • Low and competitively priced pallets
  • On-site pallet pick-up (in conjunction with the delivery of pallets)
  • Highest quality of wood, materials, and treating
  • Fast, on-time delivery
  • Reduced waste cost and increase recycling rebates
  • Online tracking system
If your business requires unique pallet solutions from the leading pallet supplier in the industry, then give us a call or visit our contact page to start your journey with FALM today.