Pallets are vital tools for millions of warehouses across the world. One of the most popular pallet types are wooden pallets because of their many benefits. It is important to understand how to properly store your wooden pallets to keep your work site safe and your pallets in good working condition. Learn how to properly store your wooden pallets by reading below.

Be Cognizant of Location

Because your pallets are valuable to your everyday operations, they need to be placed in a location far away from hazards. Wooden pallets are incredibly flammable. You must keep them a great distance away from any gas or fueling areas. Do not store any of your empty pallets in pallet racks unless you have an Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) sprinkler system, as this could be a further fire hazard. If the pallets are stored in the warehouse, do not store other items within 25 feet of them. Be sure the space is clear of any other hazardous debris, such as nails, or anything that could fall.

Utilize Pallet Stacking Methods

Utilizing safe stacking methods is crucial when properly storing your wooden pallets. First, you need to make sure the surface on which they will be stacked is flat. They also need to be stacked evenly. Any pallets sticking out will make the stack unstable and increase the risk of it toppling. This is not only dangerous for the pallets, but also the workers. It is important to store your pallets in a way so that you get a longer lifespan out of them. Any broken or weak pallets should be discarded separately or shipped to a pallet distribution company for refurbishing. Do not stack pallets on the floor of your warehouse higher than 6 feet tall. Keep them in groups of four with 8 feet between them.

Prioritize Safety and Follow OSHA Regulations

One of the best ways to ensure safety is to follow OSHA’s specific regulations for pallet stacking and storage. One regulation states that you must check pallets for any damages before stacking them. OSHA also has personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, meaning you must provide workers with the proper equipment, including gloves, industrial shoes, and helmets. You should make sure that at least two people handle stacking at a time. Also, workers should never stand on an empty pallet, as this could lead to more pallet damage.
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