Used vs. New Pallets: The Pros and Cons of Each

Whether you operate an industrial site, grocery business, or storage facility, most companies use pallets. Reputed logistics services offer a wide array of pallet options with various materials, sizes, and conditions. You can also choose between new and used pallets.

When it comes to used vs. new pallets, there are pros and cons of each. Depending on your business needs, one might be better than the other. Keep reading to learn about the advantages and disadvantages so that you can make the best decision for your business.

Pros of New Pallets

New pallets offer different benefits than used ones. While there are several advantages to purchasing new pallets, the main ones are quality and versatility. Let’s dive a little deeper into each of these factors so that you can determine which qualities are important to you.


The truth of the matter is that new pallets are usually in better shape than used ones. Fresh pallets haven’t seen any action, so they arrive at your facility in peak condition. New pallets won’t have any weakened or broken boards, splinters or discoloration, so you know you’re getting top-quality equipment.

New wood pallets might be for you if you’re concerned about structural integrity. You will have less worry with your product and pallet sustaining damage.


Another advantage to new pallets is versatility. You can’t alter a used pallet once it’s gone through production. However, you can customize new pallets to fit your specific needs. Whether it’s materials or size dimensions, manufacturers can design and create new pallets to suit any job.

When discussing the pros and cons of used vs. new pallets, the ability to customize your equipment is a hot topic. Some industries don’t need to use specialized pallets, while other sectors require this quality. If you’re working with products or materials in unique sizes, getting new, customized pallets will better fit your needs.

Pros of Used Pallets

While new pallets have several attractive benefits, you shouldn’t count used ones out just yet. There’s a reason why a huge portion of the pallet industry focuses on recycling and repurposing their materials; it’s because used pallets can also offer your business some surprising advantages. Explore these pros below to understand all your options.


Used pallets undergo refurbishing to repair any damage. They don’t need to go through the entire manufacturing process again since they already exist. This means that used pallets are generally cheaper and are more accessible than new pallets.

At some point, most businesses must find ways to cut costs to keep themselves afloat. Opting for used pallets can offer you massive savings so that you can reinvest into other departments. Recycled pallets might not look as nice as new ones, but they get the job done at a fraction of the cost.


One of the most important benefits of using used pallets is sustainability. Creating new pallets means using more resources that will likely wind up taking up space in landfills. Whether wood, paper, metal, or plastic, new pallets aren’t as environmentally friendly as used ones.

On the other hand, repurposed pallets don’t require many new resources to get back in shape. You don’t need to cut down trees to make these pallets because they are already here. Recycled pallets might be better if your company prioritizes “green” initiatives.

Cons of New Pallets

We’ve talked a lot about the pros of new and used pallets, but what about the cons? Every option comes with some undesirable disadvantages. It’s up to you to determine which ones you can live with and which ones you cannot tolerate. Let’s start by exploring the cons of new pallets.


We know that using recycled pallets offers businesses reduced rates. New pallets don’t usually have the same luxury. It costs money to gather supplies, run manufacturing sites, and pay employees to build the pallets. If you add on customizations, the price climbs even higher.

We all know the saying, “you get what you pay for.” New pallets are more expensive because they typically come in a higher quality. If you’re less concerned with condition and more concerned about price points, keep this in mind when choosing between new and used pallets.


New pallets are in high demand because of their durability. While durability is a good thing to look for in your equipment, it also means that availability is low. It’s harder to get your hands on fresh pallets given the global demands for new lumber.

Reduced accessibility doesn’t mean that you’ll never see your pallets; it just means that you might have to wait longer to receive your new pallets. Wait times will only increase as you customize your pallets, so consider your workload and timeline to ensure you receive your equipment on time.

Cons of Used Pallets

Just like new pallets, there are pros and cons to used pallets that you should understand. Knowing these things will help you make an informed decision that could have a huge impact on your business operations. Do the pros of recycled pallets outweigh the cons? Keep reading to decide for yourself.


While new pallets arrive at their destination in pristine condition, used pallets have had a little more life experience. Logistics services refurbish pallets to fix their damage, but this doesn’t fully return them to their former glory. Used pallets might not have any visible damage, but they might still have minor issues that could become major problems over time.

If you maintain your repurposed pallets well, you’ll be able to re-use these pallets time and time again. Repurposed pallets typically do not have the same structural integrity as a new pallet, so that’s what of a gamble. However, they won’t come to your establishment shiny and new like fresh pallets. There is an added risk when you buy used pallets, so choose carefully if you’re using them for heavy products.


Since professionals only restore used pallets, there are minimal options for customizations. They may be able to make a few adjustments, but what you see is what you get for the most part. Being nonadjustable is fine for some businesses that use pallets for small and standard goods, but it might not be ideal if you handle things with unique dimensions.

Ultimately, you decide whether the pros and cons of used vs. new pallets are worth the investment. Visit our website to check out our other products and services and let us reinvent your pallet usage.

Used vs. New Pallets: The Pros and Cons of Each