Why a Pallet Recycling Service Can Benefit Your Business

Many businesses feel that “new” is always better. However, this isn’t always true when it comes to pallet management. Used pallets offer many advantages to businesses in every sector and will completely transform your operations.

Companies everywhere see the advantages of pallet recycling. You need a reliable reverse logistics company at your disposal to handle the complex process. If you still need convincing, learn why a pallet recycling service can benefit your business.

They Reduce Spending

All companies look for ways to reduce spending. One way you can cut costs is by using a pallet recycling service. Used pallets are generally cheaper than new ones since manufacturers don’t need to use fresh supplies.

Lumber prices fluctuate dramatically depending on market trends. New pallet prices can be unpredictable and difficult to budget for. When you purchase used pallets, you avoid this problem by relying on an existing supply.

They Increase Material Accessibility

When it comes to custom wooden pallets, prices aren’t the only thing that wavers. Manufacturers often struggle to keep up with supply and demand. However, recycled pallets increase material accessibility. 

To put it into perspective, think about how long it takes to harvest lumber naturally. Instead of waiting for nature to produce more wood, pallet recycling keeps materials on the market.

Recycling for material accessibility doesn’t only apply to wooden pallets. Paper, plastic, and metal pallets also reap the same benefits. It takes time to process and treat any material; using a plastic recycling service helps businesses reduce downtime and increase their pallet supply.

They Improve Safety Conditions

Pallet recycling services benefit businesses by improving their safety conditions. Many companies hold onto old, broken pallets because they don’t know what to do with them. They may even continue to use them, putting employees and products at risk.

Damaged pallets may break down and contribute to falling hazards. Broken boards and protruding hardware may cut employees. They also fail to secure your products and materials.

Pallet recycling isn’t only a recovery program; it also works as a disposal method. Reverse logistics services will remove and process unusable pallets without harming the environment. If you participate in a buy-back program, you can replace unsafe pallets with dependable ones.

They Are Customizable

Most pallets come in standard sizes. The lack of flexible pallet dimensions makes customization difficult. Businesses waste a ton of space using pallets that don’t fit their facility, trucks, or products.

Pallet recycling services can customize used pallets to meet your business needs. They can design pallets to work with forklifts, fit unique warehouse dimensions, and accommodate products and materials with special sizes.

If customized pallets sound expensive, think again. When you purchase used pallets, you get all the added benefits, like cost-effectiveness and fast material access.

They Manage Quality Control

Just because something isn’t new doesn’t make it less valuable. You might be wary of pallet recycling due to misconceptions about quality. However, pallet recycling services can benefit your business by managing quality control.

Your reverse logistics company will grade pallets based on their condition. Grade “A” pallets haven’t undergone repairs and look new. Grade “B” pallets have gone through rehabilitation while maintaining their integrity.

Pallet recycling services will never put Grade “C” pallets back on the market. Instead, they’ll repurpose materials for scraps to repair usable pallets in the future.

They Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Recycling pallets has an enormous impact on the environment. By repurposing pallets, materials stay out of landfills and reduce occupancy. Lumber, plastic, and metal take years to degrade; decomposing materials can also leak out of landfills and into the surrounding environment.

Businesses don’t have to contribute to the landfill problem. Instead, you can use a pallet recycling service to reduce your environmental impact. This has the greatest effect on your company’s brand image.

Consumers spend money with businesses that align with their values. If you purchase used pallets, you’re showing the world that you prioritize sustainability. Companies that care about the environment retain customers, attract new clients, and make more money.

Questions To Ask Your Pallet Recycling Service

It’s important to note that not all pallet recycling services are the same. Asking questions will ensure that you choose the best pallet management program for your business.

How Strong Are Recycled Pallets?

Recycled pallets are just as strong as new ones. However, durability does depend on the reverse logistics company’s quality control process.

Pallet recycling services should only repair and return pallets with a “B” grade or higher. Anything below that should not go back to businesses.

Ask your potential recycling service what they do with grade “C” pallets. Breaking them down into scrap materials to repair other pallets should be their answer. If not, look for a company that uses recycled pallets more efficiently.

How Large Is Your Network?

Businesses with multiple locations need a pallet recycling service with a large network. They can’t afford to waste time waiting on a company that isn’t nearby. Find out how many locations your potential reverse logistics service has and compare them to your sites.

A large network also means more material accessibility and a streamlined transportation process. Regional locations will develop personal relationships with their clients, meaning you’ll never feel like just a cog in their machines.

How Easy Is Your Process?

The right pallet recycling process will have one point of contact to avoid miscommunication. They will also have efficient invoicing and billing methods. Customer service goes a long way; make sure your potential pallet management company has an excellent customer service department that can answer questions and ease concerns.

Why You Should Choose FALM As Your Pallet Recycling Service

Don’t feel overwhelmed by this wealth of information. Instead, choose First Alliance Logistics Management as your pallet recycling service. We are a one-stop pallet management shop ready to tackle all your business’ logistical needs.

We tick all of the right boxes. Our pallet recovery programs are efficient and reliable with consolidated billing, a single point of contact, and a large network. We also grade pallets based on industry standards; your recycled pallets will always be strong, sanitary, and environmentally friendly.

Check out our website and explore our incredible logistics services. You can request a quote online or call to speak directly to a team member. Recycling pallets will completely transform your business; FALM can’t wait to be part of the process.