4 Tips To Prevent Your Wooden Pallets From Rotting

Pallets are the lifeblood of shipping and storing items for many businesses. Proper care for this equipment is so important, as old and broken pallets can cause many issues. One of the biggest threats to wooden pallets is rotting as the wood ages under bad conditions. However, you can use these methods to prevent your pallets from rotting.

Off the Ground

The first thing you should do is observe how you store and move your pallets and determine if they touch the floor. Preventing pallets from touching the floor as much as possible will keep them in their best condition. The longer the pallets sit on the floor, the faster they rot.

Moving Pallets Around

You should move your pallets around whenever possible, as they’ll rot quickly if they stay in one place. Rotating and moving your pallets around to let the space air out can stop rotting and keep your pallets in good condition for a long time.

Good Airflow

One big change you can make to keep your wooden pallets in good condition is to focus on promoting airflow. Pallets rot because humidity gathers, but a constant airflow around your pallets will disperse that humidity and keep your pallets functioning. Otherwise, you’ll be looking to buy some new wood pallets for sale.

Proper Storage Conditions

One of the last tips to prevent your wooden pallets from rotting is to prepare a storage space with the proper conditions. Creating a space with good airflow and shelving for your pallets before finding new wood pallets for sale will prevent rotting. This will save you a lot of money in the long run and keep up your productivity.

Rotting pallets will slow your efficiency and cost you money, as you’ll need to find new wood pallets for sale. These steps will help you avoid the worst of the problems, but you’ll eventually need new pallets for your business. That’s when you can contact us at First Alliance Logistics Management—we can help you get the equipment you need.