Must-Know Safety Regulations When Handling Pallets

While pallets are useful tools for moving and storing items, they can also pose a threat to employee health. Without the proper safety precautions and training, handling pallets can be dangerous and lead to injuries. Here’s what you should know about safety regulations when handling pallets.

Pallet Inspections

Inspections are vital for worker safety, as you need to catch potential problems before they hurt people. You should check your pallets at least once a month to identify wear or damage. Even if you have strong and durable pallets, like heavy-duty plastic pallets, it’s important to inspect them anyways. Additionally, your workers should check for obvious issues before loading up a pallet or moving one.

Pallet Stacking Limits

Stacking pallets is important for space management in every warehouse, but you need to be careful. Tall stacks can store more, but they also put employees at greater risk as the pallets can fall and cause serious injuries. This is a bigger risk if you have heavier pallets, like heavy-duty plastic pallets, because of their weight. OSHA regulations state that no one should stack pallets higher than 15 feet above a flat surface.

Lifting and Moving Practices

Pallets carry products from one place to another, but a pallet in motion can be dangerous. You should train employees to use best practices to move items efficiently without putting themselves or others at risk. This will help improve productivity as you eliminate mistakes and prevent accidents that slow down work.

Proper Equipment Usage

One of the most important safety regulations you should practice for your pallets is the usage of proper equipment. It’s easy to just use what you have available, but that increases the risk to employees. Make sure you have the proper equipment to move your pallets. The pallets you choose matter, such as heavy-duty plastic pallets for heavier loads, as they are less likely to break under the weight.

Following these practices will help you keep your workers safe on the job. However, you will also benefit from increasing your product safety, as items won’t fall from bad pallets. If you’re looking for good pallets to help you with safety, you can find them with us at First Alliance Logistics Management.