Why Plastic Pallets Are the Future of the Pallet Industry?

The pallet industry is always at odds with itself as technology races to improve what’s available and the best option for logistics. However, one of the best solutions available today is the plastic pallet, which is improving year after year. Read on to learn why you should keep your eye on these plastic pallets for the future.

Current Leader

Currently, the most common pallet material is wood, taking over 90 percent of the market. These wooden pallets are capable of handling large loads and are great for shipping and storing a wide variety of items. However, more industries and businesses are making the switch to plastic pallets every year.

Longer Lifetime

Plastic pallets are capable of lasting multiple decades with the proper care and cleaning. Wood pallets will only last a few years and require more maintenance and inspections to make sure they last as long as possible. You can get great heavy-duty plastic pallets that can last many years to help improve the cost-efficiency of your investment.

Easy To Clean

Plastic pallets are very popular in the health and food industries because it’s very easy to clean the material. These industries need sterile conditions, as people will consume the products, which makes clean pallets important. Wood is more difficult to clean and sterilize in comparison with plastic pallets.

Less Weight

Plastic pallets are a fraction of the weight of wooden ones, with most being a few pounds, while wooden ones range from 30 to 60 pounds. This lighter weight makes stacking and moving plastic pallets much easier.

But despite their lighter weight, plastic pallets are sturdy and strong. Heavy-duty plastic pallets can accommodate thousands of pounds of product, making them just as reliable as their wooden counterparts.

Sustainable and Recyclable

Plastic and wood pallets are both good for the environment, as you can recycle both to create new pallets or other products. However, plastic pallets are easier to recycle and can go through the recycling process more times than wooden pallets. This closed-loop process means that there are fewer carbon emissions and landfill disposals.

These are the main reasons why plastic pallets are the future of the pallet industry instead of wood pallets. These pallets are perfect for cost-effective investments and have several improvements over the current standard.

Does the promising future of plastic pallets make you eager to adopt them in your business? If you need to purchase heavy-duty plastic pallets, visit FALM today. We sell high-quality pallets in various styles, sizes, and weight capacities to meet your needs.