When you wind up with a bunch of unneeded wooden pallets, consider some options before discarding them. There are many ways you can choose to get rid of unwanted pallets. The worst possible way is to throw them away and leave these materials in landfills. Not only is this a waste of good resources, but it could also mean throwing money down the drain.

Return Programs and Refurbishing

Pallet recycling programs are the most ideal form of pallet disposal. For example, return programs allow you to return used pallets to the manufacturers to earn credits for new pallets. Another great service that many manufacturers offer is refurbishing. Pallet users can have their wooden pallets repaired and refurbished into a stronger and more reliable container for products. Repairing, rather than buying new pallets, will save your business a substantial amount of money.

These return programs also make for a much more sustainable industry by increasing a pallet’s life expectancy.

Selling Used Pallets

Another great pallet disposal procedure is to sell used pallets. There are several options for selling back used pallets. Pallet recycling companies will typically take them, or you can sell them to a third-party vendor. This will allow you to get some of the money back that you initially invested in the pallets since they will perform necessary repairs on them and sell them to other companies. There are also scrap pallet buyers that will buy pallets, even just for the wood.

Give Pallets Away

When wondering how to dispose of wood pallets, don’t discount the idea of free giveaways. If you find your warehouse is filling up with used pallets that you want to get rid of quickly, there are many people and businesses who would be glad to take them off your hands. This also continues to support recycling, which will only continue to help the industry. Putting out an ad that you have extra pallets you could part with can also spread the word to those who could use them. Consider enlisting a wood pallet pickup service to lower your waste removal costs and potentially create rebate revenues for pallets that are resalable in the marketplace.