Many warehouses rely on pallets to move and store inventory. One of the most common types are wooden pallets. When a business owner buys used wood pallets, it helps the company save money and protect the environment through reuse. This is why business owners should consider purchasing reconditioned pallets. The pallets are rebuilt to custom specifications and are a reliable yet cheap option. Here’s more on how your business benefits from reconditioned wood pallets.

Safer Workplace

Reconditioned wood pallets are durable and well-made, giving you some peace of mind regarding safety. These pallets decrease the risk of workplace accidents, and machinery can lift them without breakage. Show your workers you support them by providing them with the safest and most reliable materials.

Financial Savings

Another way your business benefits from reconditioned wood pallets is through the money you save. You can save 20 to 40 percent when you purchase refurbished wood pallets instead of new ones. There is also a system for pallet buy back, which can offer recycling rebates and benefits like pallet pickup.

Custom Sizes

Reconditioned pallets are sold in a variety of standard sizes, but they also can be custom-made. That’s great for business owners who have equipment that requires specific pallets. They often spend more to acquire new custom-sized pallets, and you can avoid that when you purchase reconditioned pallets.

Going Green

As with any used pallets, you can contribute positively to the environment when purchasing reconditioned pallets. While new wood is sometimes used to make remanufactured pallets, they are usually made from broken wooden pallets that would otherwise get thrown away. Throwing out those pallets is very wasteful, especially when most of the wood on the pallet is still in good condition. Consider making your business model more sustainable. Buy refurbished pallets, and make an environmentally conscious change in your company.