Almost every warehouse will be dealing with some form of pallets to store, move, and ship items. One of the most common types of pallets used is wooden pallets. It’s easy to see why, considering all the benefits that wooden pallets have over plastic- and paper-based options. However, a lot of times, wooden pallets get thrown out, burned, or wasted elsewhere right after their first use. This is a huge missed opportunity for companies. Not only can you continue to use these wooden pallets several more times, but when they do wear out or break, there is another option—a pallet disposal program. Also known as recovery, repair, or return system, this kind of program can offer many benefits to your company. Foregoing a system like this can lead to wasted money, accidents, less storage space, and misused resources. Learn more, as we look further at the reasons your business needs a pallet disposal program below.

Cuts Costs for Your Company

There are a few ways that a pallet disposal program can help cut costs and save your company a lot of money. This starts with examining how much you’re spending on brand new pallets. The more pallets you can keep reusing, the more money you will save. If you find that you are absolutely in need of some new pallets, consider buying them used or refurbished. Used and refurbished pallets are still perfectly good quality, and they cost less than brand new ones.
Additionally, one of the best ways to utilize refurbishing services is to send in any of your worn out or broken pallets to be fixed. Manufacturers will charge only a small fee to refurbish these pallets and send them back to you in new, working condition. Another option that is offered by many manufacturers is a return program. This gives you the choice to return used pallets to earn credits that can go toward new pallets.
Another good way to recoup money on your used pallets is to sell them. You can start by trying to sell them to any pallet recycling company, and if that doesn’t work, you can try third-party vendors. These are buyers who will give you money for used and even broken pallets—they will then perform any necessary repairs and sell them off to other companies. One more type of place you could sell used or broken pallets to is scrap pallet buyers. They are often willing to take them just for the wood alone.

Improves Sustainability

This is one of the reasons your business needs a pallet disposal program that affects everyone. A pallet disposal program can help make wooden pallets a sustainable product. When you send old, broken pallets back to the manufacturers to refurbish them, fewer new pallets need to be manufactured, which prevents more trees from having to be chopped down. Although reports from the USDA Forest Service show an increase in wood growth of over 20 percent since 1990, the use of refurbished wooden pallets will help continue this pattern of keeping our forests stable and safe. Plus, this practice of reducing the need to produce new pallets creates an even more sustainable business model.
When recycling, contact a pallet removal company. Not only will they take your pallets, but they will generally take any other recyclable material as well. This can also benefit your business’s image. Current concerns over climate change have made finding ways to be more environmentally friendly essential to running an appealing business. The public cares greatly when they see a company making a point to help the environment; this will attract more support for your business. It will also have an impact on your employees. Workers are far more likely to commit to a company that values environmental sustainability. This builds trust between them and their employer, making for stronger working relationships.

Creates a Safer Work Environment

This might not be the most common reason to utilize a pallet disposal program, but there are actually several ways that it will ensure better safety in a warehouse environment. When broken and worn out pallets are removed from the equation, you can avoid accidents and injuries. This will benefit your workers, specifically when loading shipments. Employees oversee moving heavy batches onto a pallet and then into transport vehicles—this is one of the main points where accidents can occur. A broken or weakening pallet can easily cause a load to topple. And even though workers often use forklifts to move these shipments, a load that falls from a buckling pallet can still cause harm to them and anyone else in the vicinity.
Another way proper pallet removal will make your environment safer is it prevents workers from suffering injuries while doing basic duties like handling pallets and stacking items on them for shipments. Broken pallets can expose employees to sharp fragments of wood that can lead to cuts and other types of wounds. The other detail you should be concerned about with broken pallets is the damage that could occur to the products in your warehouse. Even a weak pallet could give out at any time, which could leave items damaged. This is even more likely to occur when shipments are in transport. And then there is the danger of storing items on broken pallets in the warehouse; they could become falling hazards to employees. Be diligent about removing such pallets—constantly use ones in good condition to protect your employees and products from all these dangers.

Helps Keep the Environment Sanitary

Any wooden pallets should go through a curing process, which is part of the ISPM-15 requirements. Government mandates ensure that wooden pallets must go through a heat-treating process that raises the temperature to kill off any harmful insects, such as bed bugs and termites. These insects can damage the pallets as well as destroy your inventory. When you have refurbished pallets that have been previously treated, you already have a low likelihood of pest infestation. This is because pallets will get another heat-treatment during their refurbishing, decreasing the likelihood of pests even further. This ultimately makes your warehouse a cleaner working environment.
Business Needs a Pallet Disposal Program