Pallet Management Talking Points for Turbulent Times:

Wooden pallets are one of the best options for pallet solutions for a number of reasons. It will be important, however, to know the telltale signs a wooden pallet is safe for use. This involves things to look for when you first purchase the pallets and after you’ve been using them for some time. Learn how to determine if your wooden pallet is safe for use by reading below.

Pallets Have Been Designed to Your Specifications

Do a clear assessment on the type of products you’ll be moving and storing. The weight and shape of these loads will impact the types of pallets you need. Your pallets will not be safe if they’re the wrong type. Make written specifications of your pallets for your pallet supply company. PDS technology can provide you with drawings of a custom pallet according to your specifications. Perform a pallet audit to make sure that it can handle the weight of your product loads. They should also come with written guidelines on how much product can be stacked on each pallet or how many can be stacked on one another in storage.

Lumber is Free of Issues

The pallet that will be safe for your company needs also needs to be constructed from the correct wood species. If you’re working with heavy product loads, you’ll want a pallet constructed out of something strong like an oak. Something like pine lacks the needed strength. The lumber grade is dependent on its appearance. Lumber that’s smooth with no knots and imperfections is considered high grade, while those with more imperfections are lower. You should avoid a lumber with imperfections such as cracks. This could make a weaker pallet which will not be safe for heavy transport.

Deckboards Have Minimal Deflection

The deckboards on a wooden pallet can have what is known as deflection. This means there’s a bend to them. If they’re bending a bit, they’re not necessarily at risk of breaking. It’s normal to have a certain amount of deflection, but it shouldn’t be too severe. If the deflection more extreme, they might not be wise to use.

Your Pallet is Free of Damages

When wondering how to determine if your wooden pallet is safe for use, this tip is vital. Whenever you can, check them to make sure they don’t have any breaks and all their pieces are still holding together. You can extend your pallets’ lifespans by practicing proper storage methods. This involves keeping them in a clean, dry environment, and stacking them safely.

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