Pallet Management Talking Points for Turbulent Times: Here's What We Are Watching

Warehouses are busy environments filled with many potential hazards. Employees must not only practice safety for themselves, but also for the product. Unfortunately, products can get damaged very easily in warehouses. Damaged products will resort in serious money loss and unsatisfied customers. Learn how warehouses can prevent damaged stock by reading below.

Make a Quality Plan

Your plan should involve clear communication with your staff. To start, they should all report when a product is damaged and how it happened. Make sure you also have the right wooden pallets on hand and that you have enough of them. To achieve this, make a pallet management system part of your overall plan. Assess when you’ll need more pallets and then arrange with your pallet supply company to have them delivered. This way, you know they’ll be on hand by the time you have more product that needs safe shipment.

Conduct Staff Meetings and Training Sessions

Another thing to consider is how you’ll inform and train employees to ensure they know the guidelines and how to properly handle and store products. They should be properly trained on loading methods, pallet stacking, and proper machinery operation. Safe pallet stacking is essential since this will protect their condition. If you have broken pallets or some in poor condition, they’re more likely to break when holding and transporting items, which leads to damaged products.

Use Tools and Machinery Properly

Many types of equipment and machinery are useful for safe operations in warehouses, especially when moving pallets full of heavy products. When operating such machinery, workers must know how to correctly use machines, such as pallet jacks and forklifts. Using a forklift makes moving pallet loads very practical—as long as it’s done right. If you enter a pallet incorrectly with the forklift, it can destroy the pallet, which will cause operators to drop the product and likely damage it.

Make Sure To Use Good Pallets

When wondering how warehouses can prevent damaged stock, it’s important to consider the quality and type of pallets you’re using. Pallets are what will hold products and allow you to transport them. Using faulty pallets or overloading one will likely cause them to break. You can also have pallets custom designed in specific sizes and shapes to hold a certain amount of weight. This doesn’t mean they need to be expensive. You can buy affordable pallets that still do the job and spend more on proper packaging that protects the product.

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