What Exactly Is an Engineered Molded Wood Pallet?

Modern problems require modern solutions. Businesses are always looking for cleaner, more accessible equipment. When it comes to logistics, it’s hard to beat all of the benefits that engineered molded wood pallets provide.

But what exactly is an engineered molded wood pallet? They aren’t your traditional wood pallets and offer a wide variety of advantages to companies in industries such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, and shipping. Learn all about these logistic alternatives so you can incorporate them into your own practices.

What Are Engineered Molded Wood Pallets?

Simply put, engineered molded wood pallets are an alternate option to traditional wood pallets. You might see them on the market as “Inca pallets,” or even “Presswood pallets.” These pallets are perfectly stackable, sustainable, and export-efficient.

What Are Engineered Molded Wood Pallets Made Of?

Because of the word “wood,” you might think that Presswood pallets are just like traditional wood pallets. However, manufacturers make Inca pallets out of resin and wood fibers to create a one-of-a-kind pallet.

Engineered molded wood pallets undergo high-heat compression. This process literally “molds” them into extremely durable and sanitary pallets. This combination of materials and manufacturing process makes Presswood pallets a viable option for progressive businesses.

What’s the Difference Between Inca Pallets and Other Pallets?

If you want to know what exactly an engineered molded wood pallet is, understanding what they aren’t will help. There are several differences between Presswood pallets and their more traditional alternatives. Besides the materials and manufacturing process, engineered molded wood pallets differ from lumber, paper, and plastic alternatives by way of:

  • Durability
  • Demand
  • Price
  • Racking ability

What Are the Benefits of Engineered Molded Wood Pallets?

All of these differences offer various benefits, depending on your specific business needs. Whether you’re looking to cut costs or improve your environmental impact, engineered molded wood pallets have you covered. When you’re making logistic decisions, keep these advantages in mind to give you a competitive edge.


First, Presswood pallets are environmentally friendly. Businesses focusing on sustainability need to adopt green practices across all of their departments. This includes their logistics team, which likely has so much room for improvement.

Inca pallets use wood chips instead of lumber, reducing their contribution to global deforestation. They are also easy to recycle, making them perfect for buy-back programs. Companies wishing to improve their brand image can make a real difference by incorporating engineered molded wood pallets into their supply.


Space is a valuable resource. Traditional pallets can be bulky and take up a ton of square footage. If you need more room in your warehouse, Presswood pallets could be the answer to your organizational problems.

Engineered molded wood pallets are more stackable than any of their alternatives. This capability is due to their innovative design. Inca pallets are thin and nestable, freeing up space in your storage facility and allowing more room for automatic pallet distribution.


One of the most attractive benefits of engineered molded wood pallets is their cost-effective nature. Traditional wood pallets vary in price as the demand for lumber fluctuates. Since Inca pallets use wood chips along with resin, changing market trends don’t affect their price tag as drastically.

Engineered molded wood pallets are just as strong as plastic ones. Since plastic pallets are significantly more expensive than other types, Presswood pallets are an excellent option for businesses strapped for cash.

Additional Safety

Pallets can cause safety hazards that are difficult to avoid. Wooden and plastic pallets chip, leaving sharp edges that can harm employees during the shipping, handling, and storage stages. Protruding nails and wobbly boards often injure both staff members and customers and damage merchandise.

Presswood pallets have safety written into their design. Their soft, rounded edges and tapered legs are comfortable to handle, and they are less likely to corrupt products and materials. If you’re looking for ways to improve workplace safety conditions, opting for engineered molded wood pallets is a good start.


It takes a lot of work to get pallets “export-ready.” All wood pallets must undergo additional heat treatments to meet certification requirements. This process eliminates any bugs, mildew, or other natural contaminants that often live inside lumber.

Engineered molded wood pallets already go through a heat treatment process during their initial construction. There’s no need to spend any extra time, money, or resources getting them ready for commercial use. Presswood pallets are ready to go faster than any other pallet alternative, making them a more efficient option.


It’s no secret that wooden and plastic pallets are heavy. Adding materials and merchandise on top of that makes for a massive load that can be hard to handle.

Engineered molded wood pallets are lightweight, making them easier and cheaper to ship. You can export more items for less money using Presswood pallets since they don’t weigh down vehicles or take up as much space.


Even though these pallets are lighter than most of their counterparts, they are also highly durable. Inca pallets have a “one-piece” design, meaning that they don’t have nails or staples holding separate components together.

Since these kinds of joints are weak and vulnerable, Inca pallets have additional strength and integrity. You won’t have to worry about these pallets collapsing under heavy loads and destroying products or injuring workers.


If you work in the field of logistics, you know how challenging the supply chain can be. Lumber is hard to get your hands on, and certain materials get stuck in shipping jams all the time. Engineered molded wood pallets have higher accessibility than traditional pallets.

Even if you use wooden pallets regularly in your business operations, keeping some Inca pallets on hand is a good idea. Since wood chips are way easier to come by than fresh, whole lumber, Presswood pallets will always be available. If you ever find yourself without your usual logistics equipment, engineered molded wood pallets will save the day.

Why You Should Choose FALM as Your Provider

Now that you know exactly what an engineered molded wood pallet is, you can make effective changes in your business. First Alliance Logistics Management is an authorized seller of Inca pallets, so you know that you’re getting high-quality equipment. Let us be your pallet supplier so you can enjoy all of the cost-saving, efficient, eco-friendly benefits that our services bring.

What Exactly Is an Engineered Molded Wood Pallet?