5 Tips To Help You Stack Your Pallets Properly

Pallets are some of the most useful tools in the shipping industry, as they assist large shipments all across the world. Every company needs to learn how to use these pallets properly to be as efficient as possible. Here are some tips to help you stack your pallets in the best way possible.

Don’t Overhang

The first thing you should know about stacking things on pallets is to avoid overstuffing them. It’s tempting to put just one more box on the pallet, but you shouldn’t allow any items to hang partially off the pallet when you ship it. Otherwise, you risk damaging the pallet and losing them to something like the pallet recycling program.

Heavy Items First

You should be careful about stacking things according to their weight and durability, putting light and fragile things on top. Heavy items should always go on the bottom of the stack to prevent shifting and crushing during transportation. Heavy items can cause a lot of damage to both people and pallets, so stacking them on top may require you to send broken pallets to a pallet recycling program.

Overlapping Boxes

When stacking boxes, it’s not necessary to align everything perfectly, as the stack has a higher chance of tipping or shifting. You want each layer of boxes to overlap partially, resembling brickwork. This will keep items in place and possibly prevent falling items during and after shipping.

Stack Flat

When stacking boxes or items on a pallet, create flat levels. Uneven levels can cause instability and make it difficult to continue stacking more items. You should never create towers or pyramids on the top of your pallets, as they can easily topple and cause injuries and property damage.

Anchor the Boxes

Possibly the most important step to properly stack your pallets is to anchor all the items on them. Shifting and falling items can lead to horrible injuries and property damage. Fortunately, anchors can prevent this. Ropes, ties, and plastic wrap will often hold things in place to anchor everything properly.

Proper pallet management and stacking techniques will increase your company’s efficiency. You’ll get items out quicker and prevent mistakes with these practices. That’s why it’s so important for every business to use these tactics, improve as a company, and protect their employees. These factors set up your company’s growth and help you save money. You can learn more about pallets and the best practices, like the pallet recycling program, from us at First Alliance Logistics Management.