What Are Corrugated Pallets, and Why Should You Have Them?

When you start looking at the different options out there for pallets, you’ll come across corrugated pallets. These are different from the more common wooden pallets that you’ll see many businesses use. It’s important you know about these corrugated pallets and how they can help you before you decide what kind you should get.

What Are Corrugated Pallets?

Corrugated pallets consist of a sturdy paper material folded and layered to make cardboard. Despite that, these pallets are useful for moving large loads just like any other pallet. Additionally, they’re easy to reuse and recycle if necessary, making them eco-friendly.

Lightweight Options

One of the biggest benefits that come with corrugated cardboard pallets is that they’re lightweight. The materials are light and won’t add much to the weight of the load when shipping the pallet. This makes it easy and cheaper to ship your inventory, as many places use weight as a part of the pricing structure.

Very Durable

While these pallets can’t take as much of a beating as metal ones, corrugated cardboard pallets are capable of surviving the whole shipping process and carrying a lot of weight. These are strong, durable pallets that work for a variety of products, making them perfect for many industries.

Save Money

The main reason why you should know about corrugated cardboard pallets and their various benefits is their ability to save money for a business. These pallets use inexpensive materials and can cost significantly less than wooden or plastic pallets while still offering a quality service. Additionally, they’re great for reusability and recycling if they break down, saving you resources in the long run.

So the next time you’re looking for pallets and ways to improve the cost-effectiveness of your shipping process, consider corrugated pallets. They can greatly benefit a business and increase profits by lowering the base cost of things. You can contact us at First Alliance Logistics Management to buy your own corrugated pallets that’ll best fit your needs.