New vs. Recycled Pallets: Which Is Best for Your Business?

Pallets can be great shipping and storage expenses for a company. It’s important that your business weighs the pros and cons of buying new or recycled pallets. Choosing the right ones for your business can significantly impact your profits versus expenditures.

Life Span

One of the main differences between new and used pallets is how long they last. A new pallet should outlast any recycled pallet of the same material since it suffers from far less wear. This can make a big difference, as you don’t need to replace or repair new pallets so often.

Cost Differences

While new pallets are more durable and last longer than used pallets, they also cost significantly more. The cost of using new materials and production increases the price you pay compared to purchasing used pallets. So, purchase used pallets to save money in your investment.

Environmental Impact

Another important factor to consider is how your purchases will affect the environment. Recycled pallets reduce stress on the environment, which means your company is a lot more environmentally friendly if you purchase used pallets.

Custom Designs

A compelling benefit of ordering new pallets is that you can customize them. You can get pallets that fit your exact needs, potentially saving space and increasing productivity. However, you may be able to get similar results with pallets made with reclaimed wood or other recycled materials, depending on the pallet vendors.

It’s difficult to say if new or recycled pallets are the best for your business, as it depends on your needs and wants. New pallets are great if you have the money for the investment, but you increase your company’s environmental impact. Determine your company values to make the best decision for your needs. Whatever you choose, you can call us at First Alliance Logistics Management to get the pallets you need.