Everything You Need To Know About Presswood Pallets

When you look for pallets that can work with your company, you should consider every option available. This way, you can do everything possible to find the right pallets that best fit your needs. One of the more unusual options that offers great savings and utility is using presswood pallets. Read on to explore everything you should know about these pallets.

What Are Presswood Pallets?

Presswood pallets are a unique type of pallet that uses wood waste from other products to create a whole pallet. This is an excellent option for many companies as it allows you to increase efficiency and lower your initial investments.

How Are They Made?

When it comes to the construction of presswood pallets, the name is a big hint to the method. Manufacturers create particle boards by taking the wood waste of other products and pressing them together using high heat and compression molding. This molding process can create many items, one of them being custom wood pallets and presswood pallets.

What Are the Benefits of Presswood Pallets?

When it comes to determining if you should purchase the pallets, there’s nothing better to look at than their benefits. Discover the benefits of owning and using these pallets for your business.

Pallet Durability

One of the great things about these pallets is that they are reliable and long-lasting. A significant factor that determines the usefulness of your pallets is how long they last and how much of a beating they can take. These pallets can carry numerous loads and endure the whole shipping process without issue as long as you’re careful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Initial Costs

A big factor that pushes these pallets to the top of the list is their cost and overall return on investment. The initial cost of a single presswood pallet is quite low, which means you pay a small initial investment and can use it for a long time. Even the cost of custom wood pallets can be low. The approachable cost is why so many businesses use them, as it contributes to a great ROI.

Good Load Capacity

The load a pallet can carry is very important as it relates to the efficiency and potential uses of that pallet. You want something that can carry a heavy load so that you can put more things on each pallet with proper stacking techniques. This feature will save you time and space with each shipment using these pallets.

Lightweight Pallets

These pallets are capable of carrying a heavy load while remaining very lightweight. This characteristic makes it easier to handle the pallets and can save your business money in shipping costs. A lightweight pallet that’s durable and capable of handling large loads can greatly benefit you and your business.

Versatile Options

There are many presswood pallets on the market, and the range of options means that you can better integrate new pallets into your current systems without changing things too drastically. The most common types of presswood pallets are 2-way or 4-way, which means they work with most standard forklifts. Additionally, you can get custom wood pallets to better suit the unique needs of your workplace.

Stackable Storage

One of the greatest benefits of presswood pallets is the fact that they stack on top of each other, saving a lot of space when not in use. You can fit four pallets on the floor space of just one, which means storage is efficient and easy to manage. They nest inside of each other so that you can make the most of your storage space. Plus, separating them is easy with the help of a forklift.

Sustainable Practices

If you worry about the effect of your purchases and equipment on the environment, then these pallets are a fantastic option. Presswood pallets remove fewer resources from the environment because they use the wood waste of other products instead. You can get a whole set of pallets without the same impact on the environment.

High-Heat Treatment

Although these pallets use wood from other random items, they use extreme heat to kill and sanitize the pallets during production. This means you can use these pallets without worrying about organic matter issues. These pallets are free of pests and parasites, so your products will be safe.

Presswood Pallet Downsides

While there are many reasons why you should get presswood pallets for your business, there are a few downsides to these pallets. While you can easily work around these downsides, it’s important that you know them before you make any purchases. That way, you’ll know if these pallets are for you.

Susceptible to Water Damage

When it comes to things that can go wrong with these pallets, water damage is at the top of the list. While they can experience some moisture without a problem, continuous exposure to water or heavy humidity can cause all sorts of issues.

Require Specific Storage

One of the best features of these pallets is that you can stack them and save a lot of space. However, many warehouses and storage areas don’t have the proper equipment to store and handle these pallets. You may need to upgrade your storage to handle these pallets. Additionally, it can be difficult to send these pallets to other warehouses that may not have the right equipment.

Who Should Use Presswood Pallets?

In the end, some places will benefit greatly from using presswood pallets, and others won’t. Currently, some of the biggest industries that rely on these pallets include the food and beverage industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Businesses in the food and beverage world use these pallets because they meet the ISPM 15 heat treatment requirements to deliver maximum sanitation and hygiene to the exporting process. . Additionally, shipping to stores or restaurants instead of warehouses means you don’t run into storage issues. Similarly, the pharmaceutical industry uses these pallets a lot because of their cleanliness. Also, anyone who uses air shipping could benefit from these pallets because they are lightweight and perfect for flying products around.

These factors are just about everything you need to know about presswood pallets to decide if they’re right for you. The cheap cost and the great ROI can make them an amazing way to improve your business and increase your net profits. However, they’ll benefit some places much more than others, which is why it’s so important to decide after looking at all your options. If you want help picking the right option for you, call us at First Alliance Logistics Management.

Everything You Need To Know About Presswood Pallets