4 Common Myths About Corrugated Pallets

Pallets are made of many different materials, including plastic, wood, and metal. Hard materials are best for pallets because they can support heavy loads. Using paper to transport items may seem unreasonable, but corrugated pallets can handle various loads. We’ll debunk some common misconceptions about corrugated pallets to help you understand this valuable equipment.

They Break Easily

A lot of people believe that paper pallets can’t possibly last long and will break down quickly. However, corrugated pallets contain many layers of paper stuck together. They are highly durable and capable of lasting a long time, even under rough conditions, which can save you money on replacements.

They Aren’t OSHA Compliant

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates safety in workplaces and sets strict standards around pallets. Many people worry that corrugated pallets don’t meet OSHA standards because of the material. However, you can easily find durable corrugated cardboard pallets that meet these regulations.

They Only Support Light Loads

Another common myth about corrugated pallets is that they can only hold light loads. In truth, some paper pallets can hold more weight than the average wooden pallet. Some corrugated cardboard pallets can hold 10,000 pounds or more! It all depends on their design.

They Are Harmful to the Environment

Some people worry about the environmental impact of using paper pallets. However, corrugated cardboard pallets are very sustainable. Unlike many other pallet materials, paper is completely recyclable, and you can recycle these pallets at any time. Many businesses use corrugated pallets to decrease their carbon footprint.

Using these pallets at your business can save you money and help the environment. Knowing the difference between myth and fact will help you make the best decision for your company. If you’re looking for corrugated pallets for your company, call us at First Alliance Logistics Management to place your order or learn more.