A Brief Overview of How Corrugated Pallets Are Tested

There are many different types of pallets on the market, which is why you need to consider all your choices. Corrugated pallets are a great option, but some may worry about using pallets made from paper. To help alleviate your concerns, here’s a look at the testing these pallets go through to ensure their quality.

Compression Test

One of the first tests that corrugated pallets go through is a compression test. This test helps ensure that the pallets can withstand the force of regular use. This test requires paper pallet suppliers to try to crush the pallets. The pallets pass the inspection if they can handle the pressure.

Vibration Test

The vibration test focuses on the durability and stability of the pallet through transportation. Pallets need to move large loads and must withstand a lot of jostling and bumps in transit. Vibration tests ensure that the pallets can handle the standard amount of movement during use.

Stacking Test

One of the biggest benefits of choosing paper pallets is that they stack very well, saving you storage space. Paper pallet suppliers perform this test to ensure that the pallets fit together neatly and can handle stacking. If you can’t stack the pallets, you lose the main benefit of this organization system.

Load Test

Perhaps the most important test is the load test. This test ensures the pallets can withstand the weight of the items you put on them. Since the whole point of pallets is to carry loads, this is one of the most important tests for corrugated pallets.

Paper pallet suppliers run these tests before shipping out pallets so you can rely on their products. Paper pallets are a great way to save money and space in your business. If you need paper pallets, contact us at First Alliance Logistics Management for your order.