Can You Recycle Plastic Industrial Pallets?

Industrial plastic pallets are in high demand as many businesses need high-quality pallets to hold their items. While these pallets are great for use, disposing of them after they start to break down is difficult as you don’t want to just throw them in the trash. But can you recycle plastic industrial pallets? We’ll answer this question below.

It Depends on State Laws

The first thing you should know is that whether you can recycle your pallets depends on the state you’re in. Every state has different laws and regulations around recycling and what you can do with certain products. A lot of plastic pallets are recyclable if your state says it’s OK. You must check your state’s local laws about what plastics you can recycle before investing in pallets so you can choose a type that’s on their list.

Plastic Pallet Recycling Programs

One easy thing to do with your worn-out plastic pallets is to take them to a pallet recycling program. These facilities will take your pallets and recycle them into new pallets or other products and sell them. This is a great way to get rid of pallets without filling up a landfill.

Donating Pallets

If you can’t find a pallet recycling program near you, many other places will still take them off your hands as they’re useful for materials. While it’s not as beneficial as sending them to a pallet recycling program, it can keep them out of the trash and get them out of your hands. Avoid donating pallets to individuals because it’s far safer to work with a company or business and to strike up a legal agreement.

Now you know that you can recycle your industrial plastic pallets and how to do it. Your best bet is to work with a pallet recycling program and develop an ongoing relationship with them. If you’re looking for a recycling program, call us at First Alliance Logistics Management LLC.