FALM was thrilled and honored to be named the winner of Pallet Enterprise Magazine’s most recent (2023) Website Excellence Award, achieving top marks against some imposing pallet industry competition. This blog reflects on that recognition and offers readers a look under the hood. We explore what stood out to the award evaluators and offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our thought process.


Explaining the Pallet Basics

This isn’t exactly headline news, but pallet buyers are typically pressed for time. They may not have a deep understanding of pallets and related pallet terminology and have no free time to do the extra research. As such, Pallet Enterprise gave kudos to FALM for our explanations of basic pallet information, such as pallet grades, pricing and recent market trends. Pallet Enterprise commented. “It has the kind of content that many pallet buyers will search for.”

We agree. Knowledgeable buyers have a better understanding of a seller’s overall value proposition, and that is exactly what we strive to achieve. Transparency is critical for achieving an optimal outcome. For example, our New Pallet FAQ and Pallet Recovery FAQ sections answer many of the initial questions a buyer might have. We also track and post pallet price trends for 8 U.S. regions for a variety of new and recycled pallets, as well as typical core prices, helping to provide prospective buyers with some insights onto the current market.


Ease of Contact 

Have you ever tried to find the customer service number for a large company in recent years, especially in the consumer products space? Many companies would prefer to engage with customers digitally after a sale (or not at all) and dissuade telephone contact. Finding a phone number at a website can a daunting exercise. When it comes to industrial sales, locating a contact number can be equally challenging. The lack of clearly visible contact information may not be by design for B2B, but it has the same effect. When the information isn’t there, you miss out on an opportunity.

Pallet Enterprise celebrated FALM for its highly visible presentation of contact information. “The FALM website offers numerous ways to connect with visitors, from chat to calling to email,” it noted, adding, “You never want to make it hard for customers to contact you.” That is exactly our perspective, and the reason why the FALM website features a popup contact box when you first visit, a chatbot, a contact link at the top, as well as clearly visible email and phone information at the bottom.


Helping Customers Solve Challenges, Pallet Design Expertise 

“Every single product category covers the basics to consider and explains why FALM is the right choice,” Pallet Enterprise observed. “Sales language focuses on solving customer challenges.” It’s true; solving customer challenges is in our DNA. We help optimize your pallet supply as well as addressing your pallet removal and reverse logistics/management needs.

Pallet Enterprise gave FALM top marks for “showcasing the company’s network and pallet design expertise.” The FALM website provides an overview of basic types of wood pallets, wood pallet design, and a pallet terminology glossary.

And we are especially proud of our national network of suppliers, which includes locations in every across the U.S. continental states. That network allows us to source the pallets you need from the best source available. That flexibility means we can offer competitive prices and ready availability versus the risk of sourcing from a local bricks and mortar supplier or the local branch of a bricks and mortar national supplier.

The bad news is that FALM is not eligible to win the Pallet Enterprise Magazine’s Website Excellence Award for a second consecutive year. The good news, however, is that our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction remains steadfast.

We invite you to explore our website to see firsthand the features that earned us this prestigious recognition. From detailed explanations of pallet basics to current market trends and an array of contact options, our site is designed with your needs in mind. Visit FALM’s website and contact us directly to learn more about how we can support your pallet-related requirements, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and optimal solutions for your business.